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About Our Horologist
Ken Settles is a horologist with over 35 years of clock repair experience. After assisting his in-laws with their shop, Ken realized his love for clocks and clock repairs. After being an apprentice to Milo Smith, a master clockmaker, Ken was finally ready to open his own shop. 

About the Shop
Hours of clock repairs enabled Ken to develop patience for the process. In fact, it took him four and a half days to repair his first clock. At About Time Clock Emporium, Ken specializes in troubleshooting, diagnosing and repairing clocks. In fact, he gets shipped cuckoo clocks to him from Western New York and around the world. Since opening, About Time Clock Emporium has seen and repaired more than 37,000 clocks. Each clock has a different heritage and story, and the staff at our shop love to help our customers make lasting memories by repairing their family heirlooms. 
“It’s kind of fun when we get clocks that are two or three hundred years old, and we read inside the clock all the difference people who have repaired it over the years, and the dates that they repaired them. You mark the clock after you repair.” – Ken Settles*

Western New Yorkers see About Time Clock Emporium as their first stop for clock sales and repairs because we spend time serving each and every customer to meet their needs. With over 300 clocks displayed in the shop on most days, along with a few beautiful wine and bar furnishings, we’re sure to have whatever you need for a special gift or to purchase your own precious timepiece.

*Ken Settles and the About Time Clock Emporium was recently featured in the Buffalo News! Click here to take a look through the article to find out more about Ken and the shop.


We would like to thank everyone that stopped by our booth at the Buffalo Home Show. We shared some great clock stories with our many customers. We enjoy hearing about your family heirloom timepieces. It's one of the things that makes our work so rewarding. We look forward to keeping those great clocks running so they can continue to make lasting memories in your family for many generations to come.  
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